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Organizational Development


We use employee insights to increase employee engagement and benefit organizational performance by creating initiatives for CX management, fostering an organizational culture, and enhancing employees’ problem-solving skills.


Employee Insights

mct uses depth interviews of with individual employees to gain a deep understanding of employee pains, gains, and goals with keeping the customer-employee relationship in mind. Efforts include direct observations and self-documentaries, which provide an in-depth understanding of the work site. Employee personas and employee journey maps help tailor these insights into visual tools, which are then used to conduct “EX Workshops” for developing initiatives to enhance employee experience.


System & Mechanism Development

During an organizational transformation, it’s important to use a conceptual approach that formulates a vision and mission, and encourages changes in awareness and behaviors through Structures & Systems Development. Mct can help you design organizational transformation and culture-building initiatives such as “CX Champions” (employee engagement educational programming) and “Creative Routines,” (for conversion of emergent, but often individual initiatives, into organizational knowledge).



When a new team is launched, or the organizational structure is altered, the success of future activities depends on teaming. Through Teaming Workshops, mct can help company members better understand each other, develop a shared vision, and create visuals and stories that reflect that vision while boosting the psychological safety of individual team members. We can also help develop a Culture Code (code of conduct) that reflects the team’s key mindsets & behaviors, and organize team off-sites/events where members can share special experiences to broaden connections.


Employee Experience Design

Employee engagement projects that feature design thinking can improve the employee experience, including recruitment & onboarding, learning & skill acquisition, evaluation & compensation, daily work & working styles, and other benefits connected to well-being. The key to EX Design is to design the experience from the employee's perspective and create a supportive cycle between employee and customer experiences. In these projects, mct can also assist in planning and executing internal communications to arouse interest in employee experience and infuse an employee-centered mindset throughout company.


Training & Development Programs

mct offers training programs that allow our clients to acquire fundamental mindset and methods of human-centered design so they can go on to develop design, innovation, and Digital Transformation talent. The program includes lectures on systematic human-centered design methodologies and hands-on learning through group work and discussion. Each program can be arranged according to the characteristics of the participants and other specific requests. We can help you integrate design thinking in your organization.

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