Sustainable Management


Company-focused insights allow us to help you reexamine your company's reason for being, it’s impact in the world, develop sustainable business practices, and communicate with multiple stakeholders through a unique design approach.


Advisory Support

"Sustainable Discourse" is a 60-90 minute dialogue with Peter D. Pedersen, a leading authority on sustainable management, to help executives deepen their understanding of their company's path and vision. mct also offers the "Sustainable Project Advisory" approach, during which overseas experts participate in research and discussions over a period of three months to one year.


Sustainability Insights

In our "Sustainable Futures Design" workshop, participants envision futures based on an analysis of the external environment and futures research. Further, we offer a "Multi-Stakeholder ZMET" approach which helps derive multi-stakeholder insights, and a "Sustainable Brand Design" method which allows participants to convey a vision that resonates with people based on fresh insights. mct’s design approach supports everything from gaining insights to creating a vision and boosting communication.


Sustainable Innovation

mct adopts the "Trade-On" concept to deliver social and economic value support to project teams. This concept includes Sustainable Innovation Design, which utilizes the Sustainable Innovation Canvas to design a multi-sided model business; co-creation sessions, which encourage multi-stakeholder collaborations to envision a more sustainable future; and the "Innovation of Meaning" approach, which invites people to change their behavior by transforming the meaning of products and services.


Sustainable Talent Development & Training

mct’s Social Intrepreneur Program fosters emerging talent capable of solving various social issues. Our Sustainable Innovation Boot Camp encourages participants to learn a series of sustainable innovation methods and processes on site, using design thinking and a hands-on approach. Sustainable Business Design Training guides learners towards the concepts and key points of designing a multi-sided model business. We can also provide seminars and training by Peter D. Pedersen, and related content through an app or e-learning program.

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