Since our launch in 2002, mct has used its Experience Design approach to help companies solve a variety of problems, from organizational and human resource needs, to business development issues and CX improvements.

Through our activities to date, the scope of our work has expanded beyond the design of products and UIs, to include the design of entire business plans, including customer experience (CX) and the services provided, exploring issues and prototyping in the development of those plans, and even the design of organizational structure itself and the human resources to drive business forward in the long term.

Furthermore, we can support your business by designing international initiatives such as employee education and organizational development in conjunction with external-facing activities such as product development, business development, and strategic planning.

Our Style & Values

  • Experience Design

    The concept of Experience Design is central to all of our services. We design experiences that lead to changes in stakeholder awareness and behavior. It is an approach to designing better user experiences.

  • Playful

    For people to feel a sense of fulfillment in their work and an attachment to their colleagues and the organization, it's important that you can find enjoyment in what you do and become absorbed with your work. This is the essence of what it means to be playful, and it's something we aim for in all of our projects.

  • Science & Technology

    We continually gain technical know-how from the variety of projects we handle. Additionally, we conduct ongoing research and development of our service menus to incorporate the leading methodologies from Japan and abroad. This is based on the idea that our methods should be a replicable science.

  • Remote-first

    mct has adopted a "remote-first" approach, developing a working style centered around working remotely. This doesn't mean that in-person activities are neglected, but rather they are valued as important opportunities to help remote teams function.

  • Employee experience ⇄ Customer experience

    Employee experience and customer experience are deeply related. As employee experience improves, customer experience also improves. Additionally, efforts to improve customer experience help create a sense of fulfillment for employees, leading to improved employee experience. Our strength is being able to provide internal support in conjunction with external activities.

Service Approaches